Eco Bags Have Arrived

For Fashion or Marketing with a Clear Conscience

How often have you purchased something  then pondered the environmental impact of its very existence? Chances are, more often than you care to admit. This blog author faces the same dilema everytime I hit the supermarket, go clothes shopping or need a car.

That’s why we purposefully sourced a wide range of brandable ECO Bags to provide healthier market alternatives. Not only are they kinder to the planet but come in a range so stylish…you’ll ditch the Prada and revel in Calico.

We also stock a range of other enviro friendly products to help augment your desire to do what you can to save the planet, while at the same time help market your business, club or organisation.

And now a man not known for his clean living, along with his dog, shares great reasons for using promotional bags in your campaigns…