Promotional Pencils are very here and now!

A pencil has to be leadOne of our favourite Laurel and Hardy quotes is “You can take a horse to water but a pencil has to be lead”.

Not only does that innocent banality tickle the Budget Promotion office sideways but there’s truth in that statement: a pencil has to be lead to write effectively but is that the only reason you’d buy a pencil?

What we’re seeing in our business is not only a growing swing to digital media for note taking but a dedicated old-school section of the community who prefer to actually write things done (incredible, isn’t it?!). Just as knitting is becoming fashionable in the cafes of St Kilda, note-taking with a pencil is almost trendy again – think hipsters on single gear bikes listening to beats on their fluro headphones…

While we may scoff however, let’s look at this from a promotion marketing perspective; while you can brand a mouse and a mousepad with your logo or message, they’re promotional items at a different end of the spectrum. Promotional Pencils are essentially low-cost giveaway items and that’s an important consideration. Being cost effective, you can afford to buy in bulk and distribute liberally. Also, pencils are far more portable than a mouse and will even work in a powercut…or in space, all the time sharing your logo with whomever “owns” it at that point in time.

It’s a retro move but promotional pencils are very here and now!