A Question of Ethics….

This weekend, our Melbourne office’s cat walked in the back door with a baby bunny in it’s mouth, still alive.

Of course it was retreived and given a warm place to recover from the shock of being pounced on by a massive ginger Tom.

After two days, it’s still going strong and there now exists an ethical dilemma of what to do with the rabbit…..it’s a wild animal but very young and defenceless.

If it is released outside during the day, it will surely fall prey to a hawk or cat. At night, it’s liable to be taken by the neighbourhood fox. Even if it survives those dangers, rabbits are notoriously territorial and if it stumbles across another family’s burrow, it won’t fare very well, at best being rejected to perish in the paddock.

It’s an introduced species and a recognised pest, it being illegal to keep one in Queensland. In Victoria, the regulations are less stringent but it’s still frowned upon to keep them in captivity.

The thing is, it’s actually quite tame and eats out of your hand…seems happy enough to be patted and will fall asleep wrapped in a blanket, in front of the TV. All the endearing attributes of a domestic, pet rabbit!

What should we do? Keep the bunny, or let it go?