Promotional Giveaways

So here’s the sketch. You turn up at a conference and then realise all you have to hand out to potential customers is your business cards…and even then, they’re heavily outdated and dog-eared from ¬†scuffing around in your bag.

Enter #branded #promotionalitems (like the unsubtle use of those hashtags?!) like pens, keyrings, magnets and mouse mats; the stalwarts of promotional #giveaways (damn, I did it again…).

Why these items, why not a glass decanter? Well, the secret is their everyday usage, we all use these items in our offices and home life on a daily basis, plus they’re easily brandable with your logo and message.

Moreover though, they’re the least expensive way to ensure your brand is in front of your potential customers’ eyes every day. Whether you buy a limited run or splurge out big-time, you’ll get one of the biggest bangs-per-buck, hardest working #promotionalproduct on the market (couldn’t resist that one!).