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Promotional Clothing at Australia's Lowest Prices

Promotional Clothing and Promotional Apparel offers much more that just a shirt for your back - it offers a fantastic way to promote your brand whilst looking smart. With so many choices do you want:

  • To be noticed and look stylish whilst promoting your company?
  • Get Australia's best value with set up costs* included?
  • To be treated with respect by a knowledgeable salesperson?

If you answered 'yes' we can certainly help you! Our company has ten years of experience and has sold 100,000s of garments - all custom decorated with client logos or branding. With apparel like Embroidered Polo Shirts and Printed T Shirts, Caps and accessories you will be spoilt for choice.

Why buy Promotional Apparel?

Promotional Apparel and Clothing has many advantages over regular clothing for the office, here are a few of those reasons:- Value for Money - our mix of product quality, low pricing and great customer service makes our range of Promotional Clothing good value. Staff Unity - turning out all staff in the same Promotional Apparel creates a feeling that all are equal in the company. More Productive - if you are dressed in a smart and professional style you are likely to be a productive team player. Brand Reinforcement - having a unified look with Promotional Apparel will certainly make staff more readily identifiable to clients, it will also get your reinforce your brand by subtle engagement with you logo.

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Corporate Promotional Clothing - best value

Making our clothing Australia's best value we have assumed:

  • that you require quality Corporate Apparel that will make you look great
  • you want superior service and advice from staff that actually know what they are talking about.
  • you expect sharp pricing whilst maintaining garment quality
budgetpromotion.com.au concentrates on supplying the best value Corporate Promotional Clothing in the country. We have identified three key things:

Firstly we only market superior quality Apparel from trusted importers and factories. It's not rocket science but here is why we only promote quality garments: a quality clothing item quiet simply last longer and looks better which provides you with a longer promotion or period over which you can wear your customised clothing.

Secondly we make ordering easy with superior customer service. We know that most of our customers are busy and therefore need a supplier who makes the job easy and without hassle.

Lastly, using our million dollar negotiating power, we buy at low prices (we pass the savings on), furthermore we price check against our main online competitors and make our prices lower if required.

So remember!: if you are require Corporate Promotional Apparel - printed or embroidered we are here to help, we have low minimum quantities and a helpful attitude. There are three main ways to contact us - call, email or send in a 'fast quote' request now - we look forward to assisting you further.

*NO SET UP COSTS - We all like good value Promotional Apparel so please shop around - we like that because our costs are lower. From our first day of trade we have always shown pricing including set up - we respect that you are busy and that one easy to understand cost is what you want (without hidden extras).

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