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Hardly a Generation of Thinkers

Promotional Bucket Hats Something disturbing has occurred in the development of children’s toys….it’s a scourge pandering to short attention spans and parental laziness.

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The Ice Cream Maker

Gel Wine Tote – Epic! Wow! Now this is a great promotional product…you put the flexible gel sleeve in your freezer then slide a bottle of something fancy into it for transportation and chilling. The gel protects your bottle against … Continue reading

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That Big Ball of Fury

Tip Your Promotional Hats A weekend in Brisbane is enough to reinforce the need for a decent sun hat! last weekend, before the storm that grounded my aircraft for 2.5 hours – Grrrr, the good people of Brisvegas were treated … Continue reading

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Under a Canopy

Promotional Sun Hats no Less Making a Laserlight Shade for my home garden-Office yesterday, I was struck by how essential wearing a sunhat actually is in this climate!

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Hey Firebugs, put the match DOWN….

Gatecrash With Promotional BBQ Products Unless you’re firing up that BBQ for a real Guy Fawkes roasting, in which case, light her up and flip those burgers dude (or dudess). having fun? Of course you are and who doesn’t enjoy … Continue reading

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Light up Your Promotion

Branded Dynamo Torch Innovation! A funky little light emitting device you power yourself? with your company or club’s logo and team colour? Really?!!! Yes, it’s all possible and welcome bang into the 21st century.

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It’s the Journey