Be a Savvy Exhibitor

Moving Adspace – Conference Bags One of the most forgotten and mis-understood promotional items are conference bags. Savvy exhibitors at trade shows, events and conferences realise the power of reinforcing their message with a range of promotional products but what happens when your recipients grab themselves a swathe of goodies and and need somewhere to stash […]

Don’t Fight the NEW Wave

Solution – Branded USB Drives Technology is now hardwired (quite literally) into our lives, there is no escaping it’s reach or how dependent we are on it. Rather than fight against this wave of impersonalisation and robotic solutions, deep down we all know that embracing and harnessing technology will be our salvation…and in the world […]

You May Feel a Cringe

Budget Giveaways – it’s the Economy… There are many reasons why a business may need to give away low-cost promotional items and they’re not always driven by financial constraints. Sure, you could shave hundreds if not thousands off an ongoing marketing campaign by investing frugally in budget giveaways – every concern could make use of […]

Who Gives a Coast?

Promotional Coasters Printed With Your Message Take your business out of the boardroom and mix it with pleasure. Not advocating any seedy dealings here that would ultimately have you kicked out of the family home but a crafty way of associating your product or brand with the good times AWAY from work. Branded promotional coasters are […]