It’s a Big World

Promotional Sports Embroidered Clothing There’s a great AD on TV right now for ASICS, the sports shoe company. “It’s a Big World. Go Run It” is their latest slogan and the advert shows dynamic, dedicated young things sprinting up mountains, through rivers, across plains, down ravines. It’s inspirational stuff and made me go out and […]

Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

Branded Promotional Hats – You Can’t be Serious?! “Get ’em doggies movin’ ” you hollar, waving your new promotional hat high in the air and spit baccy on the floor…then remember you’re at work, in front of Margaret who isn’t impressed. Straw Cowboy Hats are this season’s must-have promotional headwear.

What’s in a name?

Printed T Shirts What’s in a name? Well, plenty actually and you only need to take a walk down the street (any street) to see brand names on every second breast pocket, logos front and back on tops, caps printed with famous insignias. Why do you think each and every popular clothing brand emblazons their […]

G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville.

Athletic Sprint Singlets G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville. He’s your regular bloke – into his beer, smokes, footy (Go Swans!) and girlfriend, Sharna. When he’s not charging you exorbitant rates for fixing your boiler and performing donuts in his Ute outside your driveway, he (remarkably) runs a youth soccer training camp. Who would have […]

Wear your Brand on your Sleeve

Embroidered Workwear for the man or woman on the street! We live and work in an incredibly visual age – just stop and look around you…..almost everything in your workplace has a logo or message…..all except you and your fellow staff. Are we missing something here? Have all these established brands gone completely mad and […]