Entry Via Stage Left

Sharpen up with Recycled Promotional Pencils Continuing our season of Eco-based promo products, the recycled promotional pencil makes another entry via stage left; the returning hero of past marketing campaigns bursts onto the scene with renewed vigour. Ready to be rebranded and dazzle another working-cycle generation of officeworkers with his flexibility and practicality, the recycled […]

Crying over Split Beer

Planning Promotional Products Accidents happen all around us every day, only the other day as I stood in my kitchen, admiring the cleanliness my wife had effortlessly left behind before she went to work, the bag of beer in my hand broke free and smashed on the floor. #%$$@@! &*^^%!!!!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Custom Badges Can Say Many Things Like “check me out, I’m cool and groovy. I’m not a dork, honest…I mean I know badges are for emotionally immature Star Trek fans, locked in an other dimension, divorced from normal adult interactions and activities enjoyed by folks over the age of 21….but I’m actually really nice, please […]