The Elephant in the Room

Short Handle Bamboo Tote Bag

picture of two promo tote bagsOccasionally we are blinded to reality because it’s just so damned evident. How frequently have you heard someone mutter “I can’t see the wood for the trees”? Well, that’s precisely what anyone presenting a table at a conference or event tends to realise Whenever things are well underway and it’s all too late. They’ve stocked their table with very carefully chosen promotional freebies to inspire and win the attendees’ hearts. And exactly what happens to all those imprinted items? They’re either stuffed into pockets or into a competitor’s printed tote bag!

So, the elephant in the room is your own Short Handle Bamboo Tote Bag….that will advertise your label or message during the rest of the day and beyond. When you add up all the brandable area on pens, mugs and hats, there is no greater bang per buck than a tote. It’s double sided, prominent area outweighs just about any other product. Combine that feature with built-in usefulness and you have a fantastic marketing solution.

Today’s Short Handle Bamboo Tote Bags are presented in a wide range of colours – our inventory reflects the present styles and whenever you place an order, you’ll find our market leading prices INCLUDE a one colour print AND set-up costs (that will cost you $75+GST in other places).

Exactly what else can we provide? Oh yes, all our eco bags have already been Carbon Offset – which means that all the embedded carbon generated in producing, printing and transporting each tote have been answered for and countered through our Carbon Neutral strategy.