The Great Teacake Disaster

Teacakes for Promotional Picnic Sets

promo picnic setI wonder if picnics will ever be the same now that the Scottish baking giant Tunnocks have deceided to drop it’s “Scottishness” in favour of “Britishness” when advertising their famous Teacakes….

Tunnocks_tea_cakesYou can see their point when marketing outside of their base in Scotland, they’re capitalising on the wave of pro-British sentiment promoted by the mainstream political parties and media based in London, in response to the growing support for Scottish Independence. We now have The Great British Bakeoff and The Great British Sewing Bee to name a couple of recent TV hits, and it’s off the back of this sentiment that Tunnocks Teacakes have now re-branded south of the border to remove their cakes’ Scottish Identity…

Thing is, projected sales in England and Wales are NOTHING in comparison to sales across the rest of the globe….and the further you get from the murky machinations of “British” politics, “Scotland” as a brand carries more weight and authenticity as a purveyor of quality than “British” does – it’s a step further away from the once superpower responsible for so much hurt and indoctrination around the world via the London lead British establishment.

“Britain” is unfortunately tainted and tarred by it’s┬ápast colonial misadventures (see Outlander) and it’s not a pretty association outside of England and Wales.

The other negative aspect of Tunnocks as a company is that they are an unnoficial fund raiser for Britain ( and donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to support un-Scottish policies – fact.

So when it comes to organising a picnic here in OZ, special thought should be spared for where your fancy afternoon tea goods come from and the effect your money will have on the subjugation of others.

Buying “Australian” seems by far the best policy for us living in this bountiful country when packing your promotional picnic sets this Easter.