How do You Measure Up?

Marking and Measuring with Promotional Rulers Watching my child drawing margins in scrap books was a wonderful experience, no seriously! It reminded me of my youth marking up school jotters – an exacting experience which fueled one of my later careers as a Draughtsman. It’s no surprise than that I love straight lines and the […]

Hop to it!

Electronic Jump Rope – Skip your way to Health One of the sports products that stands out as a fun way to encourage a healthy lifestyle is the electronic jump rope. As a promotional marketing tool however, it’s a dead-cert winner in any competition.

Be a Savvy Exhibitor

Moving Adspace – Conference Bags One of the most forgotten and mis-understood promotional items are conference bags. Savvy exhibitors at trade shows, events and conferences realise the power of reinforcing their message with a range of promotional products but what happens when your recipients grab themselves a swathe of goodies and and need somewhere to stash […]

Help People in Need

Power Bank Solutions for Busy Lives We’re all about technology these days and with good reason….our business depends on it and increasingly, our personal lives are governed also. But even though we’re pretty smart at managing it, there are times when we forget ourselves and are outsmarted…like when my mobile phone ran through it’s battery […]

Don’t Fight the NEW Wave

Solution – Branded USB Drives Technology is now hardwired (quite literally) into our lives, there is no escaping it’s reach or how dependent we are on it. Rather than fight against this wave of impersonalisation and robotic solutions, deep down we all know that embracing and harnessing technology will be our salvation…and in the world […]

Hail the noble Pint Glass

Reconnect with Pint Glasses with Handle Hail the noble Pint Glass – 576ml of fluid storage and decanting in your hand. Isolated from the warmth of your body by its extended handle, it ingeniously maintains beer’s cold, health giving properties for longer, save for a promotional stubby cooler. It’s the wholesomeness of grasping a tankard of […]