A Good Walk Spoilt!

Promotional Golf Ball – Mixing Work with Pleasure

promotional-golf-ballThe infuriating thing about Golf is the infrequency I play. If I fronted up to the local course every odd morning, I’d be relaxed and composed on every hole.  If I wore the right clothing, I’d look , y’know, like a real golfer. If I bothered to study my swing, I’d be a smooth operator, driving straight down the fairway. If I had a set of clubs that matched my ridiculous height, I wouldn’t be hunched over a set of children’s sticks. If only….

Well it certainly paints a distressing image of a large, stressed out, discombulated fashion disaster – surprised I’m not ejected when I do front up to play a round…

Despite the above, I enjoy playing golf!

What gives me ultimate satisfaction is when I organise a tournament with a group of clients – we limit ourselves to 9 holes so there is time for a decent lunch.

And what does a golfer spend a lot of time staring at? OK, aside from fairway, in despair…..it’s the ball, dummy. Rule number 1 on my tournaments is the sole use of the official promotional golf ball! It gets a laugh when the guys (and girls) see my effort to brand my big day out…but they’re laughing, and they’re looking at my logo, and they’re enjoying a good walk spoilt and a great lunch…and they all pocket the balls.

A simple branding exercise like a promotional golf ball is a kernel around which you can create a memorable day out for your people and your staff.




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