Capital City?

Promotional Product news for Sydney

old picture of sydney bridgeSydney, capital of Australia, right?

Ask anyone from overseas and that’ll be their answer. Who can blame them though when all the clues point there. Sure, Brisbane is brilliant (we all know this), Adelaide is adorable, Melbourne is marvellous and Sydney is actually quite sensational but Canberra….err it has a lake with a fountain and lots of empty roads, and over-pensioned, fattened civil servants…

So, you’re lucky enough to live in the poster-child Sydney? The rest of us think you’re nuts and up yourselves, and I believe it works both ways so let’s move on!

We recognise that Sydney-siders are a special mob with needs and wants unrecognised outwith the basin, and to compliment this, have released a range of promotional items specifically with your locality in mind. Think that’s nuts? Perhaps but statistically we know Sydney based businesses buy certain promotional products therefore it makes absolute sense to provide you with what you want at a few taps on your keyboard. If you search for “promotional product” and you’re in Sydney, you’ll be served up a Budget Promotion page showing what your competitors are buying (and if it works for them, it’ll work for you!).

In a similar vein, wherever you are in Australia, even in Canberra, search for “promotional product” and look for the listing – you’ll find a summery of the hottest promotional product gifts in your part of Australia.

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