A Good Walk Spoilt!

Promotional Golf Ball – Mixing Work with Pleasure The infuriating thing about Golf is the infrequency I play. If I fronted up to the local course every odd morning, I’d be relaxed and composed on every hole.  If I wore the right clothing, I’d look , y’know, like a real golfer. If I bothered to […]

Capital City?

Promotional Product news for Sydney Sydney, capital of Australia, right? Ask anyone from overseas and that’ll be their answer. Who can blame them though when all the clues point there. Sure, Brisbane is brilliant (we all know this), Adelaide is adorable, Melbourne is marvellous and Sydney is actually quite sensational but Canberra….err it has a […]

Living your Life through a Lens

Promotional Sunglasses – An Australian Necessity When I was young, I lived in the country where the air was fresh and pristine, like the water that ran in the rivers and streams. That’s in stark contrast to the vast range of pollutants we now breathe in cities, largely unaware of their pervasive nature and insidious effects […]