Back to the Future

Promotional Pencils – Going Back to the Future “I love simple things” – or perhaps I should be more succinct; I really appreciate objects and practices that are designed to make life easier. Strange then isn’t it that we all have tablets, PCs, laptops, notebooks etc that require careful setup and maintenance. They’re expensive too […]

It’s a Big World

Promotional Sports Embroidered Clothing There’s a great AD on TV right now for ASICS, the sports shoe company. “It’s a Big World. Go Run It” is their latest slogan and the advert shows dynamic, dedicated young things sprinting up mountains, through rivers, across plains, down ravines. It’s inspirational stuff and made me go out and […]

Why Did Andy Lose?

And why did he lose in such a way? Playing the Australian Open is the preserve of a talented few, it’s the pinnacle of sporting excellence and like every Grand Slam event, it doesn’t take long till you’re aware of being in the presence of greatness – those who have dedicated their lives to sporting […]