The Eternal Summer Job!

Promotional Stress Balls – if you don’t like Summer

Last night I watched an excellent movie called About Time where the lead character gets a chance to re-live each day to “get it right” – he works harder and more efficiently, is a better colleague, friend, father and husband. We’d all like that extra chance at life but of course the reality is that it ain’t never going to happen! Unless of course we change the way we live our lives…

For the past 20 years, I’ve adopted an alternative approach to my working life. It’s underpinned by a belief that work is an interruption to my family life and private projects. When I was younger I enjoyed working during my summer holidays – actually I enjoyed the money from my work even more!

Enter stage left…The Eternal Summer Job!

Throughout my professional life, I’ve cheekily held a secret agenda to regard every position as a temporary, throwaway job. I breeze in full of vim and vigour, fullfilling my obligations with a carefree attitude and leave still feeling refreshed enough to have a life.

But isn’t this unprofessional, don’t I fail to deliver and just end up arseing around like a teenager?

promotional-stress-ballWell no actually because after years of conditioning myself to have fun at work, I’ve in effect, rid my mind of all the anxious distractions that beleagured my early working life….I’m more professional because I’m relaxed, friendlier and more congenial.

In fact, I look forward to work nowadays.

To the rest of you, give it a try:

  • Dress down if you can
  • Vary your hours
  • Exercise early before work
  • Bring a salad for lunch
  • Plan fun events after work
  • Refuse to be stressed!

Then, if none of that works, consider investing in promotional stress balls! It’s not rocket science – close your eyes and concentrate on that annoying colleague, pig of a client, dick of a customer, arse of a boss….then squeeze the life out of that sucker!!!

When ordering, remember you can print messages on all our stress balls, perhaps “Work like it’s summer!” – ACME Plumbing – you could help bring about change in the workplace!

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