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Salute! – Promotional Wine Glasses

photograph of a promotional wine glassDon’t get me wrong and assume I like a good drink, but I have an unhealthy fascination with wine glasses…it’s not so much what’s in them but the beauty of the items themselves. I love the transparency, the delicacy, the timbre of a fine wine glass.

And why stop with promotional wine glasses branded with your logo or corporate/club message?

We have expanded our range to include beer glasses, beer mugs, martini glasses, champagne flutes, brandy glasses and shot glasses (to name a few) – all can be etched to share your message with the discerning masses.

It’s good to be there in the good times, your company or organisation associated with social gatherings and special occasions, or simply as a stylish way to enjoy a glass of something really nice.

Most customers of promotional wine glasses unashamedly tuck a little box aside for the pool room ( I think all of us a Budget Promotion are guilty of that too!).


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