A Good Day Out

Promotional Beach Towels; Essential for a Good day Out.

cpr-towel You just have to love the Aussie Summer (unless you’re landlocked in the middle of the outback) and the promise of days lolling around on a beach, getting ridiculously sunburned, dehydrated and crapped on by seagulls!

OK, perhaps those aren’t the most endearing features of a good ‘ole day out at the beach…how about Golden Gaytimes, swimming in the big blue, chomping down on Chicko Rolls, guzzling Big Ms, listening to 80s music on the wireless…hold on, those were things we did as a kids but they’re just as appealing now though, aren’t they?!

The secret to a good day out at the beach is preparation. As fervent fans of a bunking off early (it’s OK, the boss doesn’t read these posts!) and heading to the beach or park, we’ve become experts at kitting ourselves out with promotional products to match our intended destination.

Last week, before we headed down to the Heads with laptops in tow (honest), we “tested” promotional beach towels, BBQ essentials, branded drink bottles, embroidered hats and of course,  sunscreen lip balm! As that paragraph attests, we spent a hardcore afternoon testing some of the most-used promotional products you should consider for your clients, customers, staff or members this season.

Associate yourself with a good day out, it’s good for the soul and for business.

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