Digital Colour Mugs – Say What?!

Digital Colour Mugs – Travel Stylishly

digital-colour-mugCan you imagine the confusion a “Digital Mug” poses? I mean, exactly HOW do you sell that? And what is it? Do you need an adaptor or a screen? Is it WIFI enabled or can you use Bluetooth?

Luckily, this is one Digital product that even technophobes can enjoy….especially with a Tim Tam or at the very least, a Marie Rose. And while you’re enjoying that hot drink, straight from its insulated capsule, you can consider the inherent beauty of the Digital Image imprinted on the exterior….you supply a high quality photo or graphics image and we’ll faithfully reprint it on your Digital Colour Mugs in full technicolor.

These promotional products are just one in an eclectic range of Travel Mugs designed to take your message out and about to the masses (or at least your carefully chosen target market – they’ll do the free advertising bit for you). Driving to work this morning? Take a squiz sideways at the lights and chances are you’ll enviously see fellow motorists supping away at home brewed coffee, on the move…advertising some other schmuck’s brand.

So, a big cheer for austerity, technology and savoir faire in a world of greedy corporate coffee punting conglomerates. Rant over.