Party Season is Straight Ahead Sir

BBQ and Picnic Products – The Party Tub

logo-branded-party-tubCan you believe it?! Xmas is less than 6 weeks away and with it, all the parties that underpin our great Australian summer.

NOT that this is something to dread unless you’re prepared for a few soirees that will dazzle all your guests. Got your party pies? Your Twizzle sticks? How about a drinks caddy? No, not that old esky filled with ice that hides out on the deck! How about making your drinks tub a focal point?

With a Logo Branded Party Tub, you can do just that. Not only are they bright and noticable (always an advantage after a few dark stouts) but have a larger than “fair play” print space – great for branding with your logo or seasonal message. Of course if you’re buying gifts for staff or clients, they’ll clamber over these promotional products like white on rice but let’s face it, this could be a gift for you too! Who’s going to miss a “sample” that’ll get a fair workout this season?!!!

We sell these as part of our BBQ and Picnic range, and they consistently top-out as favourites. Mind you, all the “samples” of Logo Branded Party Tubs sent to our office have conveniently disappeared…and I do hear the Promotion Products staff throw the best parties…