Calling Time

Travel Alarm Clocks – Oldschool We’ve all heard the saying “time is money” and it’s a truism in business but consider our national fascination with not only the weather but time itself. We ponder and fret over the topic every day and yet we pay so little attention to the devices that mark and guide so many of […]

It’s Raining in Melbourne (again)

Promotional Items for Every Season Actually, it’s a little more than a rain storm, I think we’re having a genuine “weather event” – whatever that Americanism constitutes… One minute it’s 25C and blowing a light breeze, the next it’s 10C and she’s throwing everything she’s got! Not that we Melbournians don’t love a little rough […]

G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville.

Athletic Sprint Singlets G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville. He’s your regular bloke – into his beer, smokes, footy (Go Swans!) and girlfriend, Sharna. When he’s not charging you exorbitant rates for fixing your boiler and performing donuts in his Ute outside your driveway, he (remarkably) runs a youth soccer training camp. Who would have […]

Customary Gifts from Levens Pig Trotters

The Custom Keyring Gift Revolution Wallet – check, passport – check, keys – check…..oh, that’s right, Levens Pig Trotters & Meats gave me that keyring. OK, that was a clumsy way to illustrate how something as basic as a  custom keyring weaves it’s way into your psyche but it’s basically right. Subtle branding on everyday items is an […]

Latest Sports Products

Promotional Marketing Success One of the keys to promotional marketing success is to catch people in their element or at times of need. Promotional sports products fall into the former – you don’t actually “need” them but they’re helpfull to have during sports and related activities, generally when folks are having fun. In this case […]

It’s Just a (custom) Badge

Custom Badges in Marketing Think back to your childhood and the relationships you’ve had with badges… starts with the obligatory “Age Badge” on birthday cards, badges sewn onto Scouts and Guides uniforms, breast pocket badges on School blazers, etc. The list is endless and it works its way into our adulthood denoting belonging to clubs, […]

Planning #promotionalgiveaways

Get ready to “Growl and Go”! Before you reach for the dog’s lead, it’s worth knowing the origin of that expression – born out of a life dependent need to pick up their swag and soldier on through swamps, desert, ice and raging heat, it’s the mantra of every committed adventurer, armed forces personnel at […]