With Promotional Mugs – Your Cup Overfloweth

See a great range of branded mugs OK, that’s a cheesy title but there’s something there that should perhaps be explored, in the interest of Science and Good Business Sense.

Almost as old a time, ye olde promotional mug has been a stalwart of every progressive company from Joe’s Garage in Murray St to corporate offices at the top end of Collins. Go on, take a peek in your office kitchen and let us know if you can’t find a branded mug, either your own or gifted by business partner.

The reason these items are so successful is their usefulness, in fact how many cups of tea or coffee are drunk in your office/workplace every day…and how often do you clean the same mug? If like us who are awash with promotional mugs (of course!), they get dirtied, shelved next to the sink and are replaced for the next caffeine fix by a clean one.

We host a really diverse range of mugs which are suitable for branding and their low cost makes them suitable for handing out to customers and business clients alike – the wider the spread of these promotional items, the better. And what better than having your name sitting on a desk, reinforcing your relationship.

Promotional Mugs are the hardest hitting, value for money promotional item you can give.