Express Flash Drives paving the way for technological growth

The technological explosion that has occurred over the past twenty years has been unparalleled in history. As such, the level of consumerism for this market has increased exponentially, and shows no sign of slowing down. Thus, a promotional opportunity has arisen.

USB Flash Drives have recently become one of the biggest sellers in the promotions industry. Consumers have a ravenous appetite for the humble USB as the latest storage device with capacities ranging from 256MB up to a whopping 16GB! Taking the place of floppy disks and gaining an increasing amount of the CD market, the USB is a diverse tool that can store literally any computer file type, whether this be audio, pictures or basic information.

Promotional USBs can have a huge impact on your brand awareness within any audience, thanks to their widely used nature, and Budget Promotion is currently offering a great deal on USBs that is sure to impress. Featuring a popular swivel/twist action and a fantastic branding area for your logo, the Newton Promotional Flash Drive is our best seller and is now available on an Express delivery service. With stock held within Australia, this great value USB also features free print set-up, a free lanyard, free display box and is all costed with a 4GB chip for unbeatable value. This USB is available on a 3 day production for the very best in delivery speed, and as such can be the answer to your promotional troubles in just a matter of days.

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