Olympic Sponsorship – Does first place equal first choice?

Coming around every 4 years, the Olympics represent undoubtedly one of the most televised, watched and known events in human history. As such, any shrewd marketing or advertising guru can tell you that this monolith undertaking with its huge crowds, media coverage and world-wide audience is an unparalleled opportunity for any brand or company that […]

Your business, your choice: custom made bags

Bags have always been one of the most popular promotional tools available on the market. Since the 17-18th century, promotional bags have been used for advertising purposes, cementing them as a part of industry tradition. Their popularity comes from their enormous functionality, as with all the best promotional products these items serve an essential day-to-day […]

How can strategic promotional materials grow your business?

Promotional Materials are one of the most integral marketing tools that are available to any company or organisation, due to their high level of exposure, economical cost and versatility. New research has shown that not just any promotional tool is suited to any business, as most promotional items can be targeted to a certain type […]

Express Flash Drives paving the way for technological growth

The technological explosion that has occurred over the past twenty years has been unparalleled in history. As such, the level of consumerism for this market has increased exponentially, and shows no sign of slowing down. Thus, a promotional opportunity has arisen. USB Flash Drives have recently become one of the biggest sellers in the promotions […]

New Supply Channels changing the Promotional Products Industry

Over the last few years the Australian Promotional Products Industry has been revolutionised by ongoing developments in China. Everyone is aware of China as a low cost manufacturing base, indeed they have the dominant supply nation in our industry for well over a decade. However more recently Chinese factories have been embracing the full scope […]